Parent Support Network

No parent should feel alone in their journey.

CATCH's Parent Support Network (PSN) provides direct support for parents and caregivers, offering access to personalized resources as well as opportunities to connect with other parents one-on-one and learn from peers in small, confidential groups.

These programs allow parents whose children are struggling with their emotional well-being to feel less alone and to garner support and helpful advice from others who have walked a similar path.

Keep reading to learn more about the resources of the Parent Support Network.

Parents Connect

Let's create a community and support one another.

Parents Connect brings parents and caregivers together in small groups to talk about the challenges they face raising children with mental health struggles. 

Each group is made up of four to eight people with children in the same age range who meet weekly. 

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Coffee Talk

Let's check in with each other.

Join our confidential conversation where we listen, support, and share. 

CATCH Coffee Talks are held approximately once a month and are designed for anyone who wants to drop in to a safe place and connect with other parents and caregivers.

Coffee Talk Calendar

Looking for Resources?

We are here to help.

CATCH offers a number of resources for parents and caregivers who are seeking support and information on mental health.

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