Local Mental Health Providers & Crisis/Help Lines


Whether you or your child are in a crisis or need help with daily challenges, the support of a mental health professional can make an enormous difference. Our community is full of wonderful social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, and others who provide the resources, guidance, and tools we all need.  Here is a partial list of those providers.

Mental Health Providers

• The Josselyn Center: individual and group therapy, walk-Ins, affordable
• Family Service Center: individual, group, family therapy; affordable
• Family Service of Glencoe: individual and family therapy; affordable
• Haven Youth and Family Services, Wilmette, Bilingual services available
• NAMI, Cook County North Suburban: education, support, advocacy
• Response for Teens (JCFS Chicago)
• Rogers Behavioral Health: anxiety and depression disorders, OCD, mood disorders, trauma recovery, addiction recovery
 Youth Services of Glenview/Northbrook: individual, group, family therapy; youth programming; affordable

Therapy Practices

• Affiliates in Counseling, Northbrook, Chicago: psychologists, counselors, social workers; men on staff
• Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago 
Sheila Blanchfield: adolescents and young adults
• Bedrock Psychology Group: Teens, adults- especially dads, father's support group
• Boldly You Psychotherapy: Individual, young adults, transitions, anxiety, depression, OCD
• Bracken Therapies, Northbrook: children and adolescents, ADHD, anxiety, depression, peer conflicts, problem solving.
• Center for Anxiety and OCD, Deerfield: treats across many diagnoses in children, teens, emerging adults, adults
• Child Therapy Group, Northbrook, Naperville, Chicago: works with young children through teens and their families
• Coping Partners, Northbrook: treats children, adolescents, adults; has specialists in ADHD
• Compass Health Center: children, adolescents, IOP, PHP
• Contemporary CBT: therapy for all ages
Courage to Connect: Kids, Adolescents, Adults, Families, Psychological Testing
• Cutting Edge Counseling: therapy for children, teens, adults, families, and couples; trauma specialists
Creating Progress, Not Perfection (Nikki Evans, PLLC): all telehealth; treats children, adolescents, and adults 
• Rachel Dubrow, LCSW, Northfield: young adults & parents
• Fancher Psychology: treats children, teens, adults
• The Family Institute: specializes in family therapy
• Family Matters Therapy: treats children of all ages with a focus on family therapy
• Fox, Levine and Associates: treats individuals, family, teens, adults
• Glenview Counseling Group: youth, adults, couples, families
• Diane Gould Therapy and Consultation: specializing in PDA (pathological demand avoidance) and other complex neurodivergent profiles
• Grand Oaks Behavioral Health: psychologists and psychotherapists treating adults and children
• Growth Psychological Services: provides individual and family therapy & neuropsychological testing services
• Meg Hoffman, LCSW: works with children, adolescents, adults; specializes in anxiety, depression and OCD; 601 Skokie Blvd Northbrook, IL; [email protected], 847-686-2889 
• Jessica Hutchison: children, adolescents and adults, bereavement/sudden loss, anxiety/depression
• Indigo Therapy Group: treats individuals, family, kids, teens, adults; has specialists in ADHD
• Inspire Counseling Services
• Lifeworks Psychotherapy: explicitly inclusive practice providing support to the LGBTQ+ community
• Stacy Koch, LSW: women and girls, body image issues
• Mind Chicago: kids, teens, and parents
• Mindful Path Behavioral Health & Wellness (JB Rose, PsyD), Wilmette, Telehealth therapy available 
• North Star Behavioral Health, Northbrook:  child and adult services; psychiatrist, psychologists and therapists
• North Suburban Center for Anxiety: specializes in anxiety & OCD, treats children 9+, adolescents, adults
• Obsidian Counseling: kids, teens, young adults
Pathlight Mood and Anxiety Treatment Center
• Plena Mind Center: children, adolescents, IOP, PHP
• Simply Bee Counseling: therapists in anxiety and depression for adults and children; eating disorders specialists on staff
• Skylight Counseling Center:  individuals, group, families, couples, video gamers group, and more
SociAbility: ADHD, Autism, Complete PsychologicalTesting 
• SoundMind Counseling: treats adolescents for anxiety, depression, trauma; art therapists on staff
• SpringSource Psychological Center:  individual therapy for teens and adults with eating, mood and anxiety disorders as well as treat trauma, relationship issues, pregnancy and infertility
Therapy Etc.: children, adolescents, young adults, parents, families
• TreeHouse Health: individual, family and couples therapy

• Aspire Group: Imy Wax, psychotherapist and educational consultant
• The Balance Project: help to find support, financial assistance available if needed
• Family Support Services: Bonnie Lane, support, mental health consultation, care coordination and wrap around services
• North Shore Executive Functioning: executive functioning coaching
• Pilcrow Advisors
: Jamie Goodman, educational and treatment guidance
• Vinita Patel: executive functioning coaching
• SMART Health Wellness and Performance: Educational programs focus on prevention and seek to provide every child with the skills (and the motivation to use those skills) to build resilience, increase confidence, strengthen self-belief

Eating Disorders & Co-Occurring Diagnoses
• Ascend Consultation in Health
• Chicago Center for Evidence Based Treatment
• Eating Recover Center (ERC)
• SunCloud Health

SPACE Therapy (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions)
• Mind Chicago

• Skyway Behavioral Health: 
Skokie, DBT and trauma based therapy, eating disorders, mood/anxiety, Large PHP and IOP, 18+ adults only
• CATCH: Local Trauma-Informed Therapists List

• Illuminate Psychological Assessments: provides neuropsych for children, teens, and young adults
• Mind Chicago: Dr. David Meyerson
• Northwest Suburban Psychology Group: Dr. Victoria Tuchscherer

• Dr. Andreea Seicean, Skokie, 872-713-5338, psychiatrist for 18+
• Dr. Adrienne Balsam, Skokie, 847-933-0455 psychiatrist for 18+
• Bloomberg Institute, 847-291-0088
• Northshore Psychiatry
• Dr. Barry Gershuny
• Dr. Purnima Gorrepatti, child psychiatrist (treats kids 18 and under), 847-861-0225

Crisis/Help Lines

NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness: 1-800-950-6264 or email [email protected]
Suicide Prevention Hotline: 988 (as of July 2022), 1-800-273-8255
Northbrook Police Department: 847-564-2060
NEDA, National Eating Disorders Association Helpline 1-800-931-2237
The Trevor Project

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