Self Regulation is Your Parenting Superpower

Wednesday, April 12 @ 12pm via Zoom

When our children act out, withdraw, or struggle with their emotions, it can feel overwhelming for a parent. We wonder what to DO, but our greatest parenting superpower is less about doing and more about BEING!

Learning to regulate our own nervous system is an essential way to support our kids' emotional resilience.

During this mindful movement workshop, you'll learn simple and effective steps to work with your nervous system to support your emotional well-being and that of your children and family.

No yoga experience or equipment required. Just bring a chair!

Speaker: Jacqueline Vlietstra, Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga for Resilience

Little Kids, Big Kids, & Really Big Feelings

Tuesday, April 18 @ 12pm via Zoom

Why are so many kiddos struggling with huge feelings and acting out in extreme ways lately?

Anxiety and behavioral problems among kids seem so much more intense these days, don’t they?

Find out what might be contributing to all these big feelings and big behaviors, learn why it’s important to understand your child’s temperament, and get tips on how to help support your kids, from littles to bigs.

Dr. Denise Duval Tsioles, PhD, LCSW, Founder & Clinical Director, Child Therapy Chicago, Naperville & North Shore

A Parent Roundtable Discussion

Sunday, April 23 @ 11am in person!

We heard from kids.  Now we want to hear from parents.  Join us for a conversation about the path forward to best support our kids' mental health.

Let's work together to empower one another to prioritize and support emotional wellness.

We'll bring the coffee and pastries.  You bring your ideas and opinions.  

Parents and caregivers of kids of all ages welcome.

Parents Connect

Join anytime!

Parents Connect brings parents and caregivers together in small groups to talk about the challenges they face raising children with mental health struggles.

When you care for yourself it gives you more bandwidth to care for others. 

Parents Connect provides the support you need for yourself and your family.


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