Become the Parent You Want to Be


Wednesday, February 28 AND Thursday, February 29, 7pm - 8pm

The Book Bin
1151 Church Street

Book Discussion facilitated by Linda Davis, Author of Food Fight

Do you struggle with uncertainty and self-blame as a parent?

Join us for a conversation about Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be by Dr. Becky Kennedy, a popular psychologist often referred to as the Millennial Parenting Whisperer.

Her realistic and practical parenting model prioritizes connection over correction. It will help you find confidence and sturdy family leadership.

Good Inside is an effective resource for parenting kids of all ages, offering strategies to help children develop emotional intelligence and resilience.

Together, we’ll talk about how to implement her empowering solutions.

Curious, Not Furious

Tuesday, March 12, 12pm via Zoom

What can you do now to ensure your kid comes to you with the tough stuff later?

Join us and learn how to build non-judgmental relationships with your children based on trust and openness... giving your kid the comfort to reach out no matter the situation. 

Speaker: Stephanie Zwilling, MSW, LCSW, Founder & Owner, Providence Farm

5K for CATCH

Saturday April 13 @ 8am
Techny Prairie Activity Center
180 Anets Dr, Northbrook

Registration: $35/person

Bring your family, friends, and neighbors to raise awareness about mental health!

We will walk, run, talk, listen to music and connect with our community.

Special thanks to GBN Sophomore Nate Nayman for organizing this special event!

Parents Connect

Join anytime!

Parents Connect brings parents and caregivers together in small groups to talk about the challenges they face raising children with mental health struggles.

When you care for yourself it gives you more bandwidth to care for others. 

Parents Connect provides the support you need for yourself and your family.


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