In Real Life...

Parenting can be pretty rough, but we rarely see that because most people only talk about the good stuff.

In this essay series, CATCH offers a look at what's happening In Real Life with stories from parents in hopes others will find comfort and support in their experiences.

We are not posting the names of the authors of these essays because they include parts of their children's stories, and those are theirs to tell.

If you'd like to tell others what's going on In Real Life, we'd love to hear it and share it.

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The Work of Worrying Less

When you are the parent a child with mental illness, the fears are never-ending.  In this essay, a mother gets real about her concerns and shares her plans to worry less.  Read more.

An Anxious Parent, An Anxious Child, and the Value of Validation

What’s a mother to do when her own anxiety gets in the way of parenting her child with anxiety? In this post, one mom shares what she learned from her therapist and how it’s helping her manage the mix of emotions. It’s a helpful lesson on the value of validation and a reminder about what to do when we just want to fix everything. Read more.