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Our mission is to empower families to foster resilience and prioritize mental health and emotional wellness in their children through educational programming, access to resources, and peer support.

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We are a community of parents who have come together to help others find the tools and resources to support their children's mental health by sharing our own experiences raising kids with mental health struggles. Join our conversation by attending a Lunch & Learn presentation, joining a Parents Connect Group, listening to our podcast, or spending time exploring our website and all of its resources.  And if you need more, reach out.  We are here for you.

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Lunch & Learn: 5 Simple Rules for H.S. & College Parents

May 14 at 12pm via Zoom

Learn how to help your student navigate the transition to life in college.

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CATCH Podcast

Parenting the Mental Health Generation

When Glenbrook North High School delayed finals at the last-minute due to the weather, it launched a firestorm of anger aimed at the administration.

In response, student editors at the school newspaper took a stand that brought its own criticism.

In this episode of Parenting the Mental Health Generation, we meet the authors of that editorial, Avery Copeland and Kaitlyn Lu.

They share the backlash they faced and why they believe their peers need to "suck it up" in the face of adversity. 


CATCH GBN Mental Health Awareness Award

Thank you to everyone who applied!  

We are looking forward to recognizing students at the GBN Awards Ceremony on May 26th.

What a great day!


We loved everyone minute of the 5K for CATCH.  Thanks to GBN Sophomore Nate Nayman for his hard work to make this happen, to our sponsors for their support, and to everyone who came out to raise awareness for mental health.

There's already talk about doing this again next year!


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Parenting is hard.  Parenting a child with mental health issues is harder.

Join a group of other parents who are walking in your shoes.  We meet weekly to provide a place where people can share their experiences in a confidential setting and find the support that makes a difference. 

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