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Our mission is to empower families to foster resilience and prioritize mental health and emotional wellness in their children through educational programming, access to resources, and peer support.

Parenting Post-Pandemic


While the pandemic delivered some wonderful silver linings, it also brought trauma, increased anxiety, fear and much more.  Now, as we emerge, parents are worried about their children’s mental health and long-term development.

Tina Payne Bryson, PhD, NYT best-selling author and world-renowned parenting expert, is coming to teach us The Power of Showing Up for our kids, answer our questions, and help us thrive and prepare for whatever comes next.


Summertime Parenting

As summer begins, it feels stressful to think about the fall, but experts say there are simple steps parents can take during the next few months to ease the return to school in whatever form it arrives.

Erica Leibrandt, LCPC, RYT, Sound Mind Counseling
and friend of CATCH, offers some advice in the latest entry to the CATCH Journal.

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