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Our mission is to empower families to foster resilience and prioritize mental health and emotional wellness in their children through educational programming, access to resources, and peer support.

Social & Friend Drama

Tuesday, February 21st @ 12pm via Zoom

When your child is dealing with drama among friends and peers, it can be hard as a parent to know how to respond. Join us and learn how best to support your child in these moments.


Hey Parents! Amy's Kids Have Some Advice

Listen to the Latest CATCH Podcast

Shawn and Luke Oberholtzer, Amy’s kids, are in their 20s, and have some things to say about growing up, the parent-child relationship, social media and more.


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Parents Connect

Parenting is hard.  Parenting a child with mental health issues is  harder.

Join a group of other parents who are walking in your shoes.  We meet weekly to provide a place where people can share their experiences in a confidential setting and find the support that makes a difference. 

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