Online Resources

Check out our curated list of resources. 

You can find countless websites, blogs, and social media accounts offering information and advice about parenting and mental health.  Below you'll see the resources we've found most helpful on our parenting journey.  We hope you see value in them too.


Aha! Parenting

Whether you’re wondering how to handle a specific challenge, just figuring out your child-raising approach, or ready to tear your hair out, Aha! Parenting is ready to help.

Grown and Flown

If you are thinking, worrying, or just fretting about what it will be like when some or all of your kids call another place home (even if it is just their grimy dorm room) then this conversation is for you.


 GoZen! creates online social and emotional learning programs for kids ages 5-15 and their parents. Their mission is to teach kids skills to transform stress, anxiety, worry, anger, perfectionism, negativity, and social worry into POWER.


Resilient Little Hearts

This children's book series teaches resilience and emotional health by helping kids learn how define their worth internally based on their character & effort; how to follow their heart and find courage in scary moments; how to rise again after failure; and how to have empathy for individuals from different backgrounds.

Mindful Little Minds

Discover mindful parenting support and play-based tools that build emotion regulation skills, so you can become the calm, confident parent you've always wanted to be.

The Danish Way

You will learn to become more authentic and empathic and focus on the vital relationship between you and your child.