Coffee Talk

Join other parents who can relate to what you're going through in open and honest discussions, where no question is a bad one, and we all have something to learn. 

When we connect and talk about the hurdles and pitfalls we are all facing, we feel less alone, and life seems a bit more manageable.

Coffee Talk

New Schedule, New Topics for Fall 2022!

We are meeting via Zoom for our health and because we know it's often easier to hop online in the midst of a busy day.

Back to school: Parenting through the transition

Is your child extra anxious about a new classroom, new teacher, and new schedules? Do they have trouble making new friends or fitting in at school? Let's talk about the challenges of transitioning back to school, especially for kids who are struggling with their mental health.

• Aug. 24, 10am-11am, Register
• Sept. 7, 7pm-8pm, Register

Off to College: Supporting your student from afar

Parenting a child who is away at college comes with a whole new set of challenges, especially if they have struggled with their mental health. Whether you have an overwhelmed freshman or a stressed-out senior, knowing how to manage expectations, recognize when your child is struggling, and give the right amount of advice can make their transition to adulthood a bit smoother.

• Sept. 14, 7pm-8pm, Register
• Sept. 27, 10am-11am, Register

Prioritize your mental health with the self-care of a CATCH Coffee Talk. #TalkAboutIt


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